Mobile Valeting and Detailing in Brighton, Hove, Lewes and Sussex - Fix Cloudy Headlights
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Services and Prices
Discounts available for regular customers; 25% off for monthly cleans and 10% for cleans every two months
Please email or 07786853003 me should you require any valeting or detailing services in the Brighton area; business or personal.  Below is a guide to the services on offer.  We cover Brighton, Woodingdean, Ovingdean, Saltdean, Rottingdean, Lewes and most of Sussex.  No extra fees for a ten mile radius from Woodingdean and 50p per mile thereafter.  Our van has its own water and power so the following services are available anywhere we can get a van. 

Mazda MX-5 Paint Renovation in Brighton

- Outside Clean
Vehicle rinsed and alloys cleaned.  Washed with a deep pile microfibre mitt and then rinsed again.  Dried with freshly laundered deep pile microfibre drying towels and finished with Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailler for extra shine and protection.  Recommended once a month as part of a car maintenance regime - 1hr £20
- Hand Polish and Seal (recommended extra)
After an outside clean your vehicle can be hand polished and sealed with a liquid hard wax.  This preserves the clean and removes or lessens the minor imperfections in the cars paint.  It makes your car look very shiny and the shine lasts! - 1-2hrs £40
- Tar Spot removal (additional extra) - £15

- Inside Clean  - all fabrics brushed and vacuumed, surfaces wiped with specific dash and vinyl cleaner, windows cleaned, air freshened - 1 hr £20
- Seat and Carpet Shampoo (recommended extra) - 1hr £20

- Convertible Hood Renovation - Cleaned, redyed and revitallised, weather sealed - 2 days (dyed roof has to be left overnight to dry) £100

- Headlight Restoration - We can clear cloudy headlights that have failed an MOT. I will clear the grime and surface degradation from your cars headlights and make them clear again.  £35 for one headlight, £60 for £100's on replacement lights from a garage

- Any other cleaning, detailing requests can be accomodated such as machine polishing or de-stickering.  Contact us with your requirements.  4x4's, vans £10 extra and large estate cars £5 on top.  For vehicles that are very dirty there will be a £10 charge. 

How to pay

- Cash
- Cheques
- Paypal - We will send you an invoice once we have completed the work.