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Mercedes Enhancement Detail - Faded Red Paint Fix

 One Faded Red Mercedes + Three Day Enhancement Detail

The following pictures are after the car has been cleaned but before any polishing work.  The car was cleaned in the unit with waterless wash and then a clay bar was used to remove all the surface contaminants.  This leaves a very smooth, clean surface in preparation for machine polishing.

Post wash faded red bonnet in desperate need of careAfter waterless wash and clay bar

A couple of polishing in progress,

A dual action polisher was used to remove the very thin corroded, and pink, layer on top of the paint.  Underneath was the glorious red.For more akward areas, like the bonnet creases where a the machine pads won't reach, hand polishing is a necessity.

And after a lot of seat and back ache these are the amazing results of my Enhancement Detail.  In addition to the polishing the car was then sealed with a layer of Autoglym Super Resin Polish and to give the final layer of shine and protection, Autoglym Extra Gloss Protection.

Clean, unbroken, glossy reflection

And there you have it.  This stunning 1980's Mercedes SL280 back to very shiny red.