Headlight Correction Specialists
Available across Sussex
Headlight Restoration & Polishing - Fix Yellow Cloudy Faded Headlights
We fix and restore cloudy corroded and oxidised plastic headlights in Chichester and across Sussex.  Your car can fail it's MOT because it'sMOT Fail headlights fixed for £60 a pair.  A fraction of the cost of new headlights headlights not letting enough light through.  Your garage will probably suggest getting new lights at the cost of £100's but we can fix them for £60!  Most lights can be cleaned, polished and sealed to keep them looking great, and passing MOT's, for years to come.  Phone us 07786853003 or sales@icleananycar.co.uk and we come to you to fix them.
Cloudy headlights can make your car fail its MOT and can cost £100's to replace     
This car was due to fail an MOT as not enough light was passing through the corroded plastic surface.  Yellow, cloudy lights are unsightly but, more importantly, dangerous as the headlight now fails to light up the road ahead as efficiently as it should do.  There are
two options to deal with this.  The first is to install a new headlight.  This is expensive as the lights can cost several hundred pounds each and also not environmentally friendly as a fixable light is being thrown away.  The second option is to invite us assist. 

We can get your car through its MOT and make it look a lot better for a fraction of the cost on new lights.

Our process is -MOT fail headlights fixed in Brighton Sussex.

1) Clean and taped up the light.  This prepares the surface for sanding and the tape protects the paintwork surrounding the light.

2) Sand and polish the headlight surface to remove the corroded, oxidised layer and restore a clear smooth surface.

3) Seal the light with a polymer protectant which keeps the light looking good for longer.

The end results are stunning -   
End reults and a lovely clear headlight that will pass its MOT without a problemHeadlight MOT failure before polishingSanded, Polished and Sealed headlights that look great, make you car look newer, and will fly through an MOT